How many floors and what is the height of Bayok Tower 2 in Bangkok

Bayok Tower 2 is one of man’s most marvelous architectural creations. It held the title of the tallest building in the country until the skyscrapers MahaNakhon in 2016 and ICONSIAM in 2018. The skyscraper offers great views of both the city center and far beyond.

The building was built for the Bayok Sky Hotel, which is logically the tallest in Thailand and has some of the best panoramic views in the world.

How many floors are there in Bayok Tower 2?

The building rises 88 stories above the city streets. A large area multi-story parking garage is located from the 5th to the 17th floor. From 22nd to 74th is the Bayok Sky Hotel itself, with 673 rooms, of varying class and value.

What floor is the observation deck on?

The building has two observation decks. The first is a closed one, located on the 77th floor. This is accessed by a high-speed elevator, one wall of which is completely glass. He’ll have you there in less than a minute and a half.


The second observation deck is open-air, with a 360-degree view. Located at the top of the tower, on the last level. It slowly rotates on its axis so that visitors can see the city in any desired direction literally standing still. At night, colored lights are turned on, making for beautiful views not only from the tower, but also to the tower.


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What is the height of Bayok 2?

The total height of the tower, together with the spire, is 309 meters. It is the third tallest building in the city and in Thailand, 76th tallest in Asia, and 104th tallest in the world.

In 2002, Norwegian skydivers set a world record for basejumping by jumping from this very skyscraper. The tier from which the jump was made was the 81st.

Price and schedule of the observation decks

The price to enter the viewing platforms is 180 baht for an adult and 120 baht for a child. The indoor 77th floor is open 10am to midnight, the rotating 84th floor is open until 10pm.

This paragraph is written solely to guide readers, as information may change at any time. We recommend contacting the hotel in advance by email. This will also give you the opportunity to buy your tickets in advance.

Additional services

An indoor observation deck on the 77th floor offers additional services. First, there are several paid telescopes here that will only heighten the emotions of the altitude. Secondly, this and other upper floors are home to several bars and restaurants that will share their own perspective of the city right from their tables.

Bangkok is a big city, not only is it teeming with Asia’s largest skyscrapers – there’s something to see in every neighborhood. Check out the map and find out where to go here.

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