9 reasons to visit Siam Ocean World in Bangkok


In this article we will tell you about a very interesting place to visit in Bangkok – the Siam Ocean World oceanarium. As of 2022, it is the second largest oceanarium in Southeast Asia, although for a very long time it was the first.


The Oceanarium is located in the Siam Paragon Mall and occupies two levels. An area about the size of a soccer stadium is home to about 30,000 sea creatures. The total volume of aquariums is 5 million liters.


It has a lot of different zones, each with its own special feature. Let’s learn a little more about them.

Weird & Wonderful

The name of this area translates as “Strange and Beautiful. Here you can see the amazing inhabitants of the depths that you may have never even heard of. Here you can see unusual corals, giant spider crabs, snake-like fish.

It is also in this section that cuttlefish, squid, eels and blue crayfish are found. You can find interesting information about them on the signs next to each pool. This area of the aquarium is semi-dark, so for the convenience of visitors, signs with information about the inhabitants have a beautiful backlight.


Deep Reef

The deep-water reef is a huge aquarium. It can be viewed from several places: from above, through the transparent bottom of a large boat, from a small balcony, from below, from a special platform. Inside the aquarium, the topography and natural features of the reef have been recreated. In this area you can find deep sea creatures, clownfish, important crabs, and morays.

There is a small sphere in the center, which you can enter from below the aquarium and take unusual photos with the inhabitants of the sea fauna. Three times a day (at 12, 2, 3 pm) divers descend into the aquarium to feed the animals, which is a kind of entertainment for tourists.


Rain Forest

The name of the area translates as “Rain Forest”. This is where you can immerse yourself in the amazing atmosphere of the rainforest. In this area you can find water rats, otters, iguanas, piranhas, amazing bivalves, poisonous frogs, chameleons and snakes. You can walk along a shady bridge, hung with lianas, listen to the beautiful birdsong. There is also a small waterfall. The greenery of the area is mostly artificial, but it does not spoil the wonderful atmosphere at all.



This is a large contact pool where you can touch starfish and holothuria with your hands.


Ocean Tunnel

The Open Ocean section is very popular with tourists, and many go to the water park just for it. It consists of many long tunnels running along the bottom of huge aquariums. As you walk through them, you feel like you’re inside a real ocean. Huge stingrays will soar overhead, bloodthirsty sharks and lots of fish will swim by. For an additional fee, you can wear a scuba tank and swim with them along with an experienced instructor.


Living Ocean

The Living Ocean Zone was created specifically for people to see the amazing life of the ocean and coastal areas. In this part you can find sea turtles, seals, scorpions, salamanders, unusual fish of all sorts of sizes (e.g., live sturgeon). In addition, for the more adventurous, there is a small dark room where huge tarantulas and bottom-blind fish from birth live. In the “Live Ocean” section photos with flash are prohibited, it should be taken with understanding.


Sea Jellies

The name of this part translates as “Sea of Jelly” for a reason. This is the world of invertebrates, namely jellyfish. They float in semi-darkness to classical music, the changing lighting makes them green, then blue, then red. It’s like an amazing sea dance. There is also another unusual place – a hall where hundreds of rare deep-sea creatures are kept in a special substance. Some of them don’t even have names yet, others are just so outlandish in appearance that they seem like aliens from other worlds.


Rocky Shore

This section is called Stony Shore. There are always a lot of visitors here, because this is where you can find penguins. They move both on land and do extraordinary things in the water. Their streamlined bodies rush past in a large pool, dashing out of the water and plunging back into the waves they themselves raised.

Special lucky ones may be lucky enough to catch the feeding of these cute creatures. Every day at 11:30 and 3:30 p.m. otters and water rats show their unusual dances” for a piece of food, which is also an additional interesting and amusing show for visitors.

Here you can also try Thai relaxation – fish peeling. The little fish will make your feet perfectly smooth and give you an amazing feeling. They are different for everyone: for many it tickles, for some it feels like a slight pleasant showing. This procedure is really worth trying out at least once in your life to get unusual emotions. During the peeling, you can observe the life of sea creatures through special windows located very close to the area of phishpeeling.


Souvenir Shop

He meets you at the very exit. In this store you can find nautical souvenirs for all tastes for you and your loved ones. They are worth buying to remind you of the wonderful emotions you had when you visited the oceanarium in Bangkok.


Oceanarium location on the map

The Siam Ocean World Oceanarium is located in the Pathum Wan area under the Siam Paragon Mall. You need to find the exit through the food court to the B1 level by the escalator. The fastest way to get there is to take the Skytrain and get off at Siam Station. The exact address of the oceanarium is B1-B2 Floor, Siam Paragon, 991 Rama 1 Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok.



How to get to the oceanarium

On the subway

If there is a subway near your stopping place, you are very lucky. There is a Siam Subway Station (BTS) very close to Siam Paragon Mall. This is the fastest, safest, and relatively inexpensive way to get to the oceanarium. You just have to get on the right train. This option can be used if you are traveling from the airport, because there is also a subway station near it.

On public transportation

To the oceanarium follow public routes number 5, 6, 12, 23, 15, 16, 21, 25, 40, 48, 54, 73. The stop itself is called Siam Centre. Using the bus in Bangkok is the most budget-friendly option for getting around the city. The trip will cost $0.17-0.72 (6-25 baht), depending on the distance.


The local cab is called a tuk-tuk. One of the most popular, comfortable and expensive ways to travel. It is best to choose a cab with a meter, such a trip will be cheaper than a fixed-price. Approximately the first 2 kilometers around the city cost $1 (35 baht), and each subsequent kilometer costs $0.4 (5 baht). The cab driver says “Siam Paragon” and you will be taken directly to the mall.

How to buy tickets to the aquarium

Over the counter

Tickets to the aquarium can be purchased at the aquarium itself at the ticket counter. Note that it has tickets for Thai people, for foreigners, for visiting the oceanarium only, and combo tickets. They are different, so it is worth choosing the right one for you and check with the seller, whether you made the right choice, so as not to lose money.


On the official website

The Oceanarium has an official website, https://www.visitsealife.com/bangkok/en/tickets/, where you can purchase tickets in advance. If you buy this way, you can save up to 30 percent, because on the website tickets are cheaper than at the ticket office. In addition, you can not stand in a huge line, because for online tickets there is a special separate ticket office.
So what do I have to do to buy a ticket on this site?

  1. Go to the site through the link, the main page will open to you. There are only two languages here: Russian and Thai.
  2. Click on Tickets & Passes at the top of the page.
  3. Select All Tickets and scroll down a bit.
  4. Choose the ticket you want and click Buy Now. The window with the dates will open. Find the one you want, choose a ticket on the right, click Buy Now again.
  5. Select the number of tickets, click Next.
  6. If necessary, select additional options, then click Add to Card.
  7. Here, in the bottom corner, pass the test by clicking “I’m not a robot”. Click Checkout With Card.
  8. Enter the payment information. That’s it, the ticket is bought.

On a special website

Tickets can also be purchased on a special site GetYourGuide, here they are even cheaper than on the official page. The mechanism of action on the site is the same as described above.

Ticket price

The cheapest is the regular admission ticket without additional options. It costs 900 baht/€25 for adults, 700 baht/€20 for children.
There are also combo-packages: ticket + feeding fish from the boat; ticket + 4D movie theater and all the extras. options together. Discounts are available for children ages 3-11.
The super package costs 1,100 baht/€31 for adults, 900 baht/€25 for children.
The package costs 1,360 baht/38 euros for adults, 1,040 baht/ 29 euros for children.
A family ticket (for two adults and two children) costs 3,500 baht / 98 euros.

Oceanarium opening hours

Bangkok Oceanarium is open from 10.00 to 21.00, but experienced tourists are advised to visit it in the morning. There are four reasons for this:

  • It is at this time you can catch the process of feeding the animals,
  • Most of the extra fun activities take place in the morning,
  • It will take at least four hours to go to the oceanarium, it is not rational to go there for less time. You just won’t have time to see everything if you come too late,
  • This is the best place to get away from the scorching sun of Bangkok.

IMPORTANT: visitors are no longer allowed into the aquarium one hour before it closes!

Additional Entertainment

The various tickets were mentioned above. So, the oceanarium’s additional attractions include:

  • to the super package: a tour of the technical facilities of the complex, a ride on a boat with a transparent bottom, fish peeling, free popcorn and pepsi, as well as a session of a 5D movie;
  • to the complete package: a visit to the Madame Tussauds Museum. It is a popular wax museum that has many branches around the world. The room is divided into several thematic zones in the following order – spiritual leaders, politicians, creative people, athletes, singers and singers, Hollywood stars.
    If you’re really interested, it’s worth considering this particular package option.
  • You can buy a ticket for a shark dive, which costs about 250 euros;
  • Otter feeding: at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m;
  • Gentoo Penguin Feeding: at 12:30 and 4:30 p.m;
  • Jackass Penguin Feeding: 11:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m;
  • Shark feeding: at 1 and 4 p.m;
  • Feeding of stingrays: at 1:30 and 4:30 pm.

Hotels near the oceanarium

  1. Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok – SHA Extra Plus Certified, is just 0.3 km from the shopping center that houses the oceanarium. This is the most expensive five-star hotel in Bangkok. Price per night from 347 euros.
  2. Centara Grand At Centralworld – SHA Extra Plus Certified, is 0.4, km from the mall. Also a five-star, but the price per night is already from 176 euros. It can also be reached on foot.
  3. Siam Eco Hostel, located 0.9 km from the Oceanarium. The most budget option, the price of the room per night from 11 euros, there is a metro station nearby.
  4. Daraya Boutique Hotel, also 0.9 km from the shopping center, price per night from 68 euros. It can be reached on foot.

Useful Facts

  • At the entrance to the aquarium all visitors are given a special booklet with a schedule of feeding and entertainment. Study it carefully and immediately choose what you like. Some feedings may overlap!
  • Before visiting, it is worth reading reviews about the Oceanarium from other visitors to have time to look at the most interesting places and objects.
  • It is worth considering the various sites with tickets and find the one that will be most profitable, because there are a great many of them.

Video overview of the Bangkok Aquarium

To learn more about the Bangkok Oceanarium, it’s worth watching the video overview attached below.

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